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Did you know that about 75% of business websites use PHP for development, and that includes some of the world’s most successfully running sites such as, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Digg, Flickr and Yahoo? To add to the figure, the scripting language has more than 5 million developers across the world.

Seon Consulting is one of the premier PHP development and customization service providers offering a variety of PHP services for highly dynamic business websites. We use some of the most popular open source PHP based platforms for development, customization, CMS development, CakePHP customization and more.

How a PHP Web Development Company can help?

PHP is an open source server side programming language available at free of cost that can be get easily from the market. Its coding style is quiet easy to understandable and it is very efficient on multi-platforms like Windows, Linux, and UNIX etc. It is very flexible but powerful language, most suitable for developing dynamic web pages. Nowadays developing dynamic websites are in the huge demand due to its specific characteristics like it automatically refreshes and does not need to make much changes manually.


Seon Consulting makes a favorable option for PHP services for the following reasons which we would like to point out as our service strengths.

  We deliver only cleanly developed, well-maintained and perfectly designed PHP apps

  We keep our service line updated with best industry practices

  We develop and customize with the best standard and up-to-date development tools

  We keep our service line updated with best industry practices

  Our PHP developers design and configure the best and newest of features

Avail our PHP services to bring fast results to your business portal, Contact us today.